Wallpaper Window Mural — A Tuscan View

Give 100 people the choice of living any place in the world and there’s a high chance that Tuscany in Italy would appear more than once on that list. This is one of the most beautiful regions of rural Italy, itself one of the world’s greatest countries for scenery, culture and lifestyle. It’s no surprise that it was Tuscany’s chief town, Florence, that figured in the classic novel A Room With a View. To be in Tuscany and not to have a view would be a misfortune for anyone.

Sadly, most of us can’t be in Tuscany, view or not. What you can do is to create the effect of a window onto a typical Tuscan scene with this clever wallpaper mural from Wallies.

Fake stone window wallpaper mural

Wallies Tuscan Window Wallpaper Mural

This attractive wallpaper mural has the advantage of being shaped so that it presents a convincing illusion of a stone window set into your wall. The scene itself is more painterly than realistic, but this fits well with the Tuscan theme, having the look of a real Italian mural. It shows a Tuscan farmhouse set amongst vineyards (Tuscany is a famous wine region), with distant hills in the background. The window shape comes with additional corner stones and plates that have the look of carved stonework.

The actual window is 28 inches high and 21 inches wide. Wallies wallpaper murals are highly rated by Amazon customers, do be aware though that the reviews on Amazon.com refer to any of the 7 wallpaper murals, of which the Tuscan Window is just one. You might also like the delightful Italian style trompe l’oeil Wine Alcove Wallpaper Mural, or for a different look check out the Tropical Window Wallpaper Mural, also by Wallies.

A Corner Office Window in New York

Have you ever dreamed you had a corner office? One with a view, naturally. Well, if you are going to dream big, why not dream even bigger and make that a corner office in Manhattan with full-length windows that take in a view of some of the world’s most famous skyscrapers?

This eye-catching window mural gives the viewer the impression that you are looking out over Manhattan from a high-up vantage point. You have a beautiful view of the Empire State Building along with a host of other famous New York architecture, with a glimpse of the Chrysler Building. It’s a beautiful day with a low, golden sun lighting the sky and painting the sides of the towers and office blocks.

Looking Out a Window over Manhattan

The New York Office View Wall Mural is an impressive 12 feet wide by 8.4 feet high. If you have nightmare visions of getting something that size delivered and up on the wall, don’t worry. The mural is supplied in panels and comes with glue.

It’s certainly a great way to bring the Big Apple cityscape to you, no matter where you live. A must for any New York lovers with a room large enough to do this stunning photo mural justice!