5 Panoramic Views of Forests and Trees Through the Year

When you want to give your room decor a natural theme, consider a large tree or forest mural. Not only do they instantly give a room a focal point, but if you use a decal you can easily change the look to suit the season. Or, if you prefer, you can create your own season regardless of the weather outdoors!

Today, let’s take a look at some forest panoramas that represent different times of the year, from Spring through to Winter.


Picture the scene. You are standing in ancient woodland (probably somewhere in Britain) in springtime. There’s a delicious scent floating on the air. At your feet, a carpet of blue with a hint of purple. Yes, you are in a bluebell wood, enjoying it at its most magical.

The scene below was photographed in Micheldever Wood in Hampshire, which (if you are not familiar with the UK) is a southern county of England. The month would be May, or possibly April if the weather has been warmer than usual.

Bluebells in a Forest, Micheldever Wood, Hampshire, England
Bluebells in a Forest: available from Allposters.com

Bluebell carpets are romantic settings and have been used to great effect in at least a couple of movies. Those that come to mind are a kiss between actress Romola Garai and new Superman Henry Cavill in I Capture The Castle, and another with Abbie Cornish and Ben Whishaw (as poet John Keats) in Bright Star.


Who doesn’t love the shade of a forest on a glorious summer’s day, when the sun bakes the earth below? It’s a refuge of leaf shadows and rushing streams, a place to have a picnic or enjoy a hike shielded from the fierce rays.

Everything is so green at this time of year. It is this abundance of green that will transform a room into a natural paradise. Help it out with some house plants — they will help to blend indoors and outdoors more convincingly.

Waterfall in a Forest, Cuisance Waterfall, Jura, Franche-Comte, France
Waterfall in a Forest: Available from Allposters.com

If you find waterfalls and woodland streams soothing, choose a panorama that includes water. While the one above was photographed in the mountainous Jura region of France, it is typical of forests in many parts of the world. Slow motion photography has captured the falling water, creating a silky effect as it tumbles to the river below.

Autumn / Fall

No matter what you call it, this is a wonderful season. Maybe nowhere more so than in a deciduous wood or forest, with the leaves turning from summer green to all kinds of vibrant shades: yellow, gold, russet, orange, even scarlet.

It’s a season too of mists, cloaking everything in softness and enchantment. Visit a forest in Autumn and you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a fairytale.

Autumn Road, Monadnock Mountain, New Hampshire, USA
Autumn Road, New Hampshire: available from Allposters.com

The woodland panorama above has taken us to New Hampshire — a long way from ‘old’ Hampshire in the first panorama but every bit as picturesque. Here we see a road at Mondanock Mountain, photographed towards the end of the season. A mist lingers over a carpet of rich orange leaves, with those still on branches adding gold and flame shades to the scene.

If clear, crisp days are more your scene, escape the mist and instead enjoy a vista of Aspen trees. Those in this particular scene were found in Colorado. Backlit by the sun, their Fall finery turns to a blaze of gold. This is a scene that will cheer up any room!

Aspen Trees in Autumn, Colorado, USA
Aspen Trees in Autumn, Colorado: available from Allposters.com


And so the year rolls on and we find us in Winter, which brings its own joys. Of course, we sometimes have a romantic image of the season with pure white snows, but the reality can be disappointing.

While you snuggle up inside, why not enjoy a perfect ‘winter wonderland’ view instead?

Aspen Trees Covered With Snow, Taos County, New Mexico
Aspen Trees Covered with Snow, New Mexico: available from Allposters.com

Take a look at those Aspen trees now! A fall of snow has transformed them. This panorama of a winter forest was photographed in New Mexico.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… each offers something new to enjoy. Let your decor be inspired by the season, and tone your room accents to match. Fresh shades complement your Spring wall decal, while flower petals suggest lovely hues for your Summertime room. Your Autumn-themed decor will of course borrow from the rich palette of the season. Finally, winter means chic and elegant white, silver and ice blue.

5 Panoramic Views of Beaches and the Ocean

Something different today. After all, much as I love window illusions, not every beautiful view can be shown at its best from a frame. Some need space to stretch past our manmade limits, so that you feel that you are actually on the beach or in the meadow yourself.

Panoramic ocean views are a perfect example of this. The shoreline glimpsed from a window is tempting indeed. However, there’s nothing quite like seeing a wide span of golden sand. Today I’ve chosen 5 of these beach panoramas, all of which will create a scene on your wall that most of us can only dream of.

These are all decals, so can be applied and removed easily and don’t need framing. The largest size is 183 by 61 cm or just over 64 by 24 inches, which will make a statement on your wall. However, they also come in smaller sizes.

Waves On The Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Waves On The Beach, Cayman Islands: Available from Allposters.com

The above panorama shows Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman, which is the largest of the Cayman Islands. What a perfect Caribbean beach it is too. A calm turquoise sea washes gently onto the sand, inviting you to kick off your shoes and let the waves tickle your ankles. Further out, you’ll find coral reefs and even the sunken treasures of shipwrecks to explore.

7 Mile Beach, West Bay, Caribbean Sea, Cayman Islands
7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman: Available from Allposters.com

Maybe you prefer to laze on the beach, sipping an exotic fruit juice in the shade of a palm tree? Overhead you might see a Cuban Amazon parrot with its green and pink plumage. We’re still on Seven Mile Beach but now it’s time to lay back and let the sun soak into your skin (or at least imagine that it is) as you enjoy a classic view of blue ocean, pale sand and a leaning coconut palm.

Ocean, Beach, Water, Trunk Bay, St. John, Virgin Islands, West Indies
Ocean, Beach, Water: Virgin Islands: Available from Allposters.com

Sometimes you have to go a little higher up for the best views. The photographer of this panorama of Trunk Bay on St. John in the West Indies found the perfect viewpoint. You’ll feel like Robinson Crusoe with a scene like this before you. The sandy white shoreline stretches into the distance, framed by lush green on one side and a vivid blue ocean on the other. In the distance you can see the thickly forested hills of adventure tales. A white sailboat offers a chance to explore further.

Waves on the Beach, Shoal Bay Beach, Anguilla
Waves on the Beach: Available from Allposters.com

Keep it simple. Blue sky with fluffy white clouds, even bluer waves, and white sand beneath your feet. What more could you need to let your troubles drift away? Ah yes, this is the life. This seashore panorama shows Shoal Bay Beach in Anguilla, and offers an instant vacation no matter where you are.

Sunset, Anaehoomalu Beach, Hawaii, USA
Sunset, Hawaii: Available from Allposters.com

Sunset at the shore. What could be lovelier? Let’s take a trip over to Hawaii, where spectacular sunsets over the ocean are guaranteed. Stand on the beach and look out at the horizon as the sun touches everything with gold and the palms create silhouettes against a golden pink sky. Pictures is Anaehoomalu Beach, a scenic spot located in the north west of the Big Island. Follow the trail from the Hilton Waikoloa Village down to the bay. Enjoy a swim, watch the sea turtles, or just wait with your camera for the perfect sunset photo opportunity.


A Decal Creates a Tree on Your Glass Door or Window

This blog is all about creating a view on a wall or window without one, or with one that’s less than inspiring. If your window has an outlook that makes you yawn, and you want to add interest, there’s no easier way than a decal.

Decals these days are easy to peel, stick and remove. You can put them on glass or equally you can stick them to a wall. However, I love the way they look on the glass pane of a window or door. It allows the sun to shine through them, bringing them to life and creating a bright splash of color in the way that stained glass does.

Through The Tree
Through The Tree by . Design Team
Available from Allposters.com

The tree-like window sticker featured here makes clever use of this effect. Overlapping leaves create the impression of depth which is even more noticeable when backlit by sunlight.

This is a bright and breezy look that brings a touch of nature to a window or patio door at any time of year. Particularly good for lifting your spirits in winter weather or adding foliage in an urban environment, whether home or office.

If at any point you want a change, or have a different window that needs cheering up, just peel it off, reposition, and stick it down in the new location. Easy peasy!

Even better, there are several leafy decals and window stickers out there, so you can dress up different parts of your home without it ever looking repetitive. And while your guests might be fooled by this display of nature, you won’t have to deal with leaf fall, the scratching and scraping of branches on glass, or have to push your way through a tree just to clean the windows. Sounds good to me!

Open a Window on a Summer’s Day in Italy

Once again the seasons roll around. Here in the north there is a chill in the air and a stiff breeze plucking at the leaves on the trees. There’s always something a little sad about the end of summer, no matter how much we look forward to what lies ahead. Maybe like me you wish sometimes that it could be summer all year long?

Well, we can’t stop time, but this poster-sized print from Andrea Del Missier will give you a glimpse of summer days to pick you up when you need it most.

It’s so easy to imagine you are stood in an Italian villa, with the green-painted shutters flung wide on the most beautiful morning. The sun sparkles on the calm ocean and there’s barely a cloud in the high blue sky. Between you and the sea, only the terracotta tiled roofs of a handful of other villas.

Finestra Sul Golfo
Finestra Sul Golfo by Andrea Del Missier
is available to buy from Allposters.com

The Mediterranean climate is one of the most pleasant to live in, with warm sunny days year round. Add in a sea view and a pretty village and you have an idyllic location. Looking out of this painted window, you can practically smell the scent of pine needles and lemon trees mixed with a hint of salt from the ocean. Just add in the ringing of a church bell and the soft breaking of waves and you’ll be transported to the sun-baked Italian coast.

This print is from an original painting. I noticed that one reviewer wished it had been photorealistic. If you too are looking for something for a true window illusion rather than an artwork, head to the Window View Photography section to discover a variety of real life views.

I think you’ll agree though that this Mediterranean style painting with its palette of blue, green and terracotta captures all the charm of Italy.

Fun Painted Window Scene — Folk Art Style

Here’s a window I just had to share with you today. In fact, it’s not just a window poster but a full set of decals.

It might not be completely clear from the image what you get here, so let me explain. The showpiece of this peel and stick ‘country primitive’ set is the window that you see right in the middle of the image. It’s 25 by 25 inches so the frame is nice and big. This square decal includes the cracked white paint effect frame and windowsill, plus the little four-paned window itself and the backyard scene beyond. The trompe l’oeil frame has 3 star decorations which create the look of the painted wood of folk art. It also has a red candle in a berry-decorated holder on the sill.

Looking out of this faux window, you see a breezy scene. There’s a white picket fence, also decorated with stars, and a stone path across the lawn to a dark red outhouse beside a tree. You can also see washing blowing on the line and a cheerful little birdhouse.

Outhouse Window and Signs Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal
Outhouse Window and Signs
available from Allposters.com

To complement this fun decal, you also have a variety of other peel and stick decals in the set. These all have a vintage country feel that’s themed for bathrooms. They include the ‘Vintage Soaps’, ‘Hot Baths’, ‘Wash Room’ and ‘Country Baths’ signs that you can see in the image. Stick them to the wall or to bathroom furniture. If you change your mind it’s easy to reposition them.

What a great way to bring some charm and character to your bathroom. Perfect for a guest bathroom, these decals and fake view are sure to delight your visitors.

Why not add a few accessories to add to the ‘primitive’ Americana style theme? Stars, hearts and quilts are a great motif for creating this look, along with vintage tones such as deep red and washed-out blue in combination with weathered white. It’s pure nostalgia that will let you forget the fast-paced world outside and leave you warm at heart!